Q: As a BostonHires Champion or Advocate, how many job placements am I expected to make?

A: There is no fixed number of placements expected from you. Each reporting period, you simply report the number of placements that meet the qualifications of your commitment. Our goal is to place 20,000 unemployed and under-employed Boston residents in good jobs by 2022.

Q: When are the reporting periods?

A: BostonHires Champions and Advocates will receive a simple reporting form from the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development every July and January. These forms will ask about job placements from the previous six months.

Q: Is there any penalty for failing to meet my pledge?

A: There is no penalty. BostonHires is a voluntary movement for a worthwhile civic cause.

Q: What is Boston’s living wage?

A: Boston’s living wage is currently $16.38 per hour. The living wage is re-calculated every year by the Boston Planning & Development Agency to take into account the city’s changing cost of living. The updated living wage takes effect each July 1st and is posted on the OWD homepage.

Q: What happens if my organization fails to complete the bi-annual reporting form?

A: If your organization fails to complete two consecutive reporting forms, it will lose its status as a BostonHires Champion or Advocate. This means it will be removed from the public roll call of Champions and Advocates and will lose its sanction to post the BostonHires seal.

Q: What happens to the data that we submit? Who will have access to it?

A: The information you submit will be kept confidential and will only be used to aggregate data toward the BostonHires goal of employing 20,000 Boston residents in good jobs by 2022.

Q: My organization would like to invite its partners to join the BostonHires effort. What is the process?

A. Feel free to share the link to the BostonHires webpage – owd.boston.gov/bostonhires – and/or the BostonHires sign-up form to ensure they are included in the campaign.

For additional questions, please contact owd@boston.gov.

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