Date(s) - Dec 18, 2019
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

International Institute of New England


Learn about IINE’s Healthcare & Hospitality Training Program (HHTP)

Every Wednesday, we host an Information Session for anyone who is interested in participating in our Healthcare & Hospitality Training Program! WEDNESDAYS at 1 pm

This popular 6-week program helps people get a good job at a hotel, hospital, restaurant or casino. Over the course of six weeks, students learn: Industry-Specific Skills Training, English for the Healthcare Industry, English for the Hospitality (Hotel) Industry, Customer Service, Work Readiness, and Computer Literacy.

This program provides students with key skills needed to succeed in customer service, entry-level jobs in hotels and hospitals such as: Food Service, Patient Services, and Environmental Services (Housekeeping). Students can explore different career pathways and leave the course with real-life skills that appeal to service-based employers.

In the program’s final two weeks, participants job- shadow employees at one of our partner hotels, and engage with professionals who work in the healthcare industry. Upon completion, staff work with each participant to land a first job in an area hotel or hospital. Students must have U.S. work experience and U.S. Work Authorization in order to apply.

Call Isabella at 617.695.9990 or email for more information!

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