If you are seeking help finding a job:

Please visit one of Boston’s two one-stop career centers: Boston Career Link or JVS CareerSolution. Both career centers offer essential services to job-seekers – such as help with resume writing, interviewing, and job searching – and organize recruitment and networking opportunities with employers.

Boston Career Link

1010 Harrison Ave.
Boston, MA 02119

JVS CareerSolution

75 Federal St., 3rd floor
Boston, MA 02110

If you are interested in educational or job training programs:

Please visit our Who We Fund page to learn about various OWD partner organizations that can help develop your skills to position you for a better job.  Contact a program directly to learn more about its eligibility guidelines.

Please visit the City Academy page to learn about training for careers with the City of Boston.

Please visit the Greater Boston American Apprenticeship Initiative page to learn about training and apprenticeship opportunities in the construction and hospitality industries.

If you are looking for upcoming workforce development events:

Please visit our Events page to learn about events that can get you started on a path toward employment or economic security. These events include job fairs, information sessions, workshops, and recruitment events.