Boston’s recent building boom has led to a demand for skilled construction workers. The field offers a wide variety of positions for many different skillsets – spinklerfitters, electricians, bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, laborers, iron workers, sheet metal workers, pipefitters, cement masons, painters, drywall finishers, and more.

GBAAI’s construction pathway gives participants the opportunity to progress from 1) pre-apprenticeship training to 2) apprenticeship to 3) higher education (for some apprentices).

1) Pre-apprenticeship

Training in construction is offered by two different organizations, Building Pathways and YouthBuild Boston. Building Pathways provides a 6-week pre-apprenticeship program for all priority populations. YouthBuild Boston provides a 12-week pre-apprenticeship program geared specifically toward young adults ages 18-27. In both programs, pre-apprentices learn job readiness skills, complete important industry certifications (such as OSHA and CPR), and gain exposure to the variety of trades in which apprenticeships are available. The pre-apprenticeship programs also help place enrollees into apprenticeships.

2) Apprenticeship

Apprentices work alongside master crafts-men and -women to learn a particular trade in-depth. Apprenticeships are available in more than a dozen different building trades. Apprentices in construction trades earn initial wages starting at $19 per hour and can work toward journey-level wages starting at $35 per hour.

3) Higher education

Apprentices in five select trades – carpenters, electricians, sheet metal workers, pipefitters, and iron workers – can earn college credit for their work through Wentworth Institute of Technology. Up to 32 college credits (half the required credits for an associate degree) will be granted for their apprenticeship work. Apprentices earning college credit at Wentworth can apply for financial support from GBAAI toward the completion of their degree.

Learn more about the construction pre-apprenticeship training program at Building Pathways:

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