WIOA Youth Services

Current OWD partners—you can now access your required contract documentation below. Please note these forms are for current OWD partners only (i.e. agencies currently receiving direct funding from OWD).

Adult Basic Education (ABE)
Alternative Education Initiative (AEI)
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
Choice Neighborhood
Living Wage Ordinance

The Living Wage Ordinance was passed by the Boston City Council and approved by the Mayor on September 4, 1998. The purpose of this Ordinance is to assure that employees of vendors who contract with the City to provide services earn an hourly wage that is sufficient for a family of four to live on or above the poverty line. The current living wage is $14.23 an hour and will stay in effect until June 30, 2017. The living wage is subject to an increase each July 1.

B-1 FY 2017
B-2 FY 2017
B-3 FY 2017
LW-1 FY 2017
LW-2 FY 2017
LW-3 FY 2017
LW-4 FY 2017
LW-6 FY 2017
LW-8 FY 2017
LW-9 FY 2017
LW-9A FY 2017
LW-10 FY 2017
LW-10A FY 2017

Neighborhood Jobs Trust

NJT FY16 Program Guideline

NJT FY16 Program Guideline

NJT Participant Documentation and Information

Eligibility Packet

OWD Authorization for Release of Information-VB's Signature

NJT Targeted Enrollment Benchmark Definition

Neighborhood Boundaries and Zip Codes

NJT Enrollment Roster-Guidelines to Note

NJT FY16 Enrollment Roster (Service Provider must complete and submit the Enrollment Roster to OWD within 2 weeks after each cycle start date and complete the last column of the Enrollment Roster verifying which participants have completed/graduated the program within 2 weeks after each cycle end date and submit to OWD.)

OWD's Participant Photo and Information Release Form

Invoicing Documents

NJT FY16 Outcome Invoice (Service Provider must complete and submit to OWD during the opening of each quarterly submission.)

NJT Employee Verification Form

NJT Student Verification Form

Quarterly Report

NJT FY16 Quarterly Report-Data Collecting Questions (Word Doc)

NJT FY16 Quarterly Report-Data Collecting Questions (PDF)

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Youth

Contract Forms

Contracting Guide
Contract Checklist FY17
LW-2 Living Wage FY17
LW-8 Living Wage FY17
Debarment Form FY17
CM-06 Certificate of Authority FY17
CM-9 Contractor Certification FY17
CM-15A CORI Compliance Certification FY17
CM-15B CORI Compliance Standards FY17
CM-16 Wage Theft FY17
Budget Form- WIOA FY17
WIOA Service Plan FY17


CASAS eTests Guide
Mass Career Information System Guide
TABE Guide
WIOA Youth Report Guide


WIOA Youth Fourteen Elements & MOSES Entry
WIOA Youth Multiple Choice Assessment
Youth Program Transition PowerPoint (DCS)

Youth File/Eligibility

Applicant Statement Form
Document Inspection Verification
Family Income Eligibility Worksheet
Individualized Service Strategy (ISS) Form
Methods for Calculating Annualized Income
MOSES Case Plan Sample
MOSES Job Seeker Training Details Sample
Poverty Threshold Census Tract Sample
Poverty Threshold Census Tract Database- Sept 2016
Receipt of WIOA Grievance Procedures
Selective Service Commitment Form
Telephone Verification Form
WIOA Eligibility Documents
WIOA Enrollment Checklist (ISY)
WIOA Enrollment Checklist (OSY)
Youth Family Income Limits
Youth File Checklist

Equal Opportunity Notice Poster
Policy Complaint Process Poster


WIOA Policy
WIOA Youth Policy Issuances


Site Visit Report FY16

Invoicing and Budget Forms

Budget Form FY17- WIOA
Invoice Form FY17 - WIOA


Academic Assessment Test Scores (CASAS) Sample
CASAS Scores and Educational Functioning Levels (EFL)
MA CIS Career and Skills Assessment Samples

Webinars and Online Resources

Career OneStop
Career Ready 101
CASAS eTests Help
MA Work‐Based Learning Plan
Mass CIS
MOSES Training
US Bureau of Labor Statistics
US Department of Labor


OWD Contacts
WIOA Youth-and-AEI Funded Programs Contact List FY17