Project Opportunity is a pilot initiative that aims to create equitable opportunities for Boston residents with CORIs. The program:

  • Connects residents with free legal consultation for sealing or expunging records
  • Convenes panel discussions to address challenges and solutions for residents with CORIs
  • Connects residents with key resources for well-being
  • Trains City departments to meet the needs of residents with CORIs

Sealing and Expungement

Sign up for a legal clinic with volunteer lawyers from Project Opportunity’s partner, Lawyers Clearinghouse, to review the possibilities for sealing or expunging your CORI. The entire process is FREE. Project Opportunity will cover the cost for Lawyers Clearinghouse to access your CORI, and if your record can be sealed or expunged, their lawyers will continue to provide full representation. This means they will handle all necessary hearings, petitions, or other paperwork to resolve your case.

If your record cannot yet be sealed or expunged, the lawyers can still give you helpful information about when it may be eligible. You may return for another free appointment at that time.

Click the button below to get started today!

Sign Up for a Clinic

Here’s how the process for CORI sealing & expungement clinics works:

1. Fill out the short online form to sign up.
Within one week, Lawyers Clearinghouse will email you to confirm your registration.
2. Lawyers Clearinghouse will call you to schedule your clinic date and get your consent to access a copy of your CORI.
Note: It may take some time to receive a call and date depending on the waitlist.
3. On your clinic date, meet with volunteer attorneys for 30-60 minutes over video conferencing or phone.
They will share your CORI with you and discuss the eligibility of your record for sealing and/or expungement.
4. If you are eligible, the attorneys will work with you on filing a petition to request sealing and/or expungement and discuss next steps. If you are not currently eligible, they will discuss your timeline for eligibility.
Note: It will take a few months to get a final sealing and/or expungement decision from Probation or the court.

Still have questions about the CORI sealing/expungement clinics? Watch this information session on how the clinics work. Or contact Lawyers Clearinghouse Clinic Manager Sean Thekkeparayil at 617-544-3434 ext.110 or

Previous Panels

Project Opportunity regularly holds virtual panel discussions on different topics that highlight challenges and solutions for people with CORIs. Check back soon for information on the next virtual panel. Or watch previous panel discussions below.

The CORI Effect: Racial Disparities & Real Solutions, May 24, 2022

Project Opportunity hosted a virtual panel discussion that explores racial inequities in the criminal justice system and available resources to mitigate their impacts.

COVID-19 & CORI: Reengaging in the Workforce for Residents Impacted by CORI. June 11, 2020

Entrepreneurship for Residents with CORI. July 23, 2020

Working with CORI & Recovery panel. Oct. 29, 2020


How & Why to Create a Resume (video)
Learn the purpose of a resume, understand how it’s used, and start to organize your experiences into a basic resume format. Sample resumes will be shared, too. 

Interview Basics (video)
Be prepared and confident for your next job interview! Learn about types of interviews, interview etiquette, proper responses, and “end of interview” strategies. 

Job Fair Prep (video)
The best job candidate is a prepared candidate. Learn all of the key factors to making a good impression before, during, and after the virtual job fair.

Resource Fair (video)
Learn about CORI-friendly job training and education resources: Action for Boston Community Development, Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology, Building Pathways,
Community Servinvs, Community Work Services, HEART Consortium, JVS, Massasoit Community College, MassEdCo, NECAT, Per Scholas, and Project Place.

Job Fair (video)
Learn about CORI-friendly employers such as Action for Boston Community Development, Boston College, Flour Bakery & Cafe, Legal Sea Foods, the City of Boston, Pine Street Inn, Wash Cycle Laundry, and more.

For essential resources, such as food and housing, please visit this resource page on the City of Boston website.

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