Looking to make money this summer? Want to get a jumpstart on your college education, or just give it a try? Be sure to apply to the Summer Learn & Earn program!

The Summer Learn & Earn Program is a unique opportunity for rising high school juniors and seniors in Boston to earn money while taking college-level courses. The program also includes team meetings, academic coaching, and college readiness activities (such as campus tours and financial aid information sessions). All classes start July 11 with most ending Aug. 19.

**The application for Summer 2022 is now closed.** Use the button below to receive a notification when the application opens for next summer.

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  • Take a FREE college course
  • Earn $200/week (for 6 or 8 weeks)
  • Earn 3-6 college credits
  • Learn remotely (for most classes)
  • Meet with an academic coach
  • Get college readiness support

To be eligible for the Summer Learn & Earn Program, you must:

  • Be a Boston resident
  • Be a rising junior or senior in high school (public, private, or home school)
  • Have at least a 2.0 GPA
  • Meet all course prerequisites per the policies of the participating campus
  • Have not yet earned a GED or high school diploma

Summer Learn & Earn Program participants will have the opportunity to take one of the following courses from the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology. (Please note that seats are limited and participants are not necessarily guaranteed their first choice of course.)

1. Intro to Professional Communication (3 credits; July 11 – Aug. 19)
This course focuses on teaching students communication fundamentals such as using proper language to advocate for themselves, learning how to write memos and letters using proper language in a professional environment, and how to properly write emails to their professors and potential employers.

2. Intro to Business (3 credits; July 11 – Aug. 19)
This course serves as an introduction to business in the U.S. and how it exists within a global marketplace. The various forms of business ownership, operation, and governance will also be explored.

3. Intro to Marketing (3 credits; July 11 – Aug. 19)
This course educates students about the basic principles of marketing a business or a product and applying these  principles in the workplace. Students in the course will explore multiple avenues of marketing and branding that will focus on the theories surrounding price, promotion, product, and placement in order to generate revenue and increase customer satisfaction. Students will explore consumer behavior and reactions.

4. Medical Terminology (3 credits; July 11 – Aug. 19)
This course introduces the student to the basic rules for interpreting, constructing, and spelling medical terms. This is a beneficial course for students who want to pursue careers in the medical field.

5. Google IT Certificate (6 credits; July 11 – Sep. 2)
This course will benefit youth who are planning to pursue a technological field career. More intensive than the other courses listed above, students enrolled in this course would have to dedicate 20 hours per week, and will do it for two weeks longer than the rest of the youth enrolled in 3 credit courses. Google’s IT Support Professional Certificate is a program that helps people prepare for entry-level roles in IT support with no experience or degree necessary.

Have questions? Contact us at SummerLearnAndEarn@Boston.gov

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