Boston Saves, the city’s new children’s savings account program, held the first of five welcome events for families of K2 kindergartners last night at Conley Elementary School in Roslindale.

four women at laptops
Boston Saves staff show parents how to log into their child’s Boston Saves account.

At the event, children learned basic money skills through educational games, while their parents learned more about the Boston Saves program. At laptops, families learned how to log into their child’s Boston Saves account and earn Boston Saves Dollars for taking simple steps toward saving for their child’s future. The welcome event also included a photo booth for adults and kids, an information booth with Metro Credit Union and Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority, and information on free tax help through the Boston Tax Help Coalition.

Launched this fall, Boston Saves encourages families to save money for college or career training for their children. The program gives families an online platform to track all of their savings for their child in one place, opportunities to earn Boston Saves Dollars, and family-friendly activities to help make saving fun.

Conley Elementary School is one of five schools currently participating in the pilot program of Boston Saves. By Fall 2020, Boston Saves is slated to reach full expansion, available to all K2 kindergartners in Boston public or charter schools.

two children play on a rug with plastic coins
Kindergartners at Conley Elementary School play games that teach them about money and saving.
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