Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, regulations around certifications for healthcare workers have changed in many cases. Below is a review of some of the more significant changes.

Changed regulations in ALL healthcare settings

  • Healthcare providers’ licenses that recently expired (and were not revoked for any reason) are being restored to current status AND healthcare providers licenses due to expire soon are extended to 90 days after the end of the State of Emergency. More info here.
  • Healthcare providers who are licensed in another state can receive reciprocity and pay no fee to obtain an MA license. More info here.
  • Students who have graduated from or are in the final semester of senior year in programs approved by the Board of Registration in Nursing are authorized to practice nursing and are exempt from needing a license. More info here.
  • Doctors educated in foreign medical schools are eligible for expedited licensing. More info here.

Changed regulations for long-term care facilities

  • Long-term facilities are hiring entry-level Resident Care Assistants (RCA). This position does not require formal certification or prior training.
  • Students in Certified Nursing Assistant programs may be hired by a long-term care facility before they have completed certification testing. More details here.
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