We are always proud to be a partner in your work serving low-income Boston residents, and we recognize that during this difficult time many of your organizations will be on the front line of providing services to our communities. For our part we are working to mitigate the impact of this crisis on our partners by taking the following steps:

We will continue to process contracts and invoices. Our staff is currently working remotely and can be reached via email. If you are not sure who to contact for a particular issue, please email owd.boston.gov. Checks will be mailed to the address on file or processed as an electronic payment. As always, you should be in touch with your grant manager if you have a question about a contract or invoice.

As the situation evolves we will be issuing guidelines letting you know how we can adapt grant requirements to our current situation. For those of you with a grant from the Neighborhood Jobs Trust or the City’s Alternative Education Initiative, we will work with City of Boston colleagues to adapt requirements to fit the current situation. It would be very helpful if you could share your plans with your grant manager, and provide any feedback that will help us serve you during this crisis.

If you have a grant from our office that is from a state or federal funding source (for example CDBG and WIOA), our staff is working diligently to pull together and interpret guidance from state and federal funding sources. As we know more, we will share.

We will continue to advocate for the needs of job-seekers and low-income Boston residents during this time. We are in communication with state and federal agencies and policy-makers to share feedback from partners on the ground. As your plans take shape, please don’t hesitate to reach out to share your needs and concerns.

As Mayor Walsh said last night, It’s never been more clear: we need each other. We depend on each other. Every one of us has equal value. Every one of us has a purpose. And every single Bostonian has a role to play, to do your part and defend our city. We have been knocked down before. But we always get back up. And with vigilance and patience, with empathy and love, we will get through this, Together.

For the latest coronavirus updates in the City of Boston, visit boston.gov/coronavirus. Or text BOSCOVID to 99411 to receive daily updates.

For information on available city services, call the city hotline at 3-1-1. 

If your 501(c)3 organization is interested in applying for grants from the Boston Resiliency Fund, please fill out this form.

For further information on disaster-assistance loans for small businesses and nonprofits, please see the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network’s list of resources.