As part of its citywide plan to end youth homelessness, the City of Boston is creating new opportunities for young adults experiencing homelessness to develop the knowledge and skills to forge successful careers. Beginning in January 2021, these opportunities will include virtual college courses, skills training programs, stipends, individual coaching, and workshops on life- and job-preparedness.

The program’s $335,000 investment is funded in part by Mayor Walsh’s June re-allocation of a portion of the Boston Police Department overtime budget.

Led by the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development, the initiative plans to enroll 40 participants ages 18-24 in collaboration with the Department of Neighborhood Development (DND) and the City’s Health & Human Services (HHS) cabinet.

Once enrolled, participants will join either a college-level course or a career cohort focused on industry-specific skills. During the program, participants will earn a $250 weekly stipend and receive laptops or wifi hotspots as needed to complete their virtual work. Youth will also meet with a career coach and case manager who can help them stay on track to meet their goals.

The new initiative comes as the City of Boston announces it has housed more than 100 youth between the ages of 18 and 24 years old since the launch of its plan to end youth homelessness in 2019.

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