Of the many job training programs funded by the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development, YMCA Training, Inc. is one of the most intensive. Participants devote five full-time months to mastering the skill demands of the modern office environment – from business writing to computer proficiency to professional communications. The training is a job in itself, and enrollees dress accordingly.

Earlier this month, the WCVB news show “Chronicle” featured YMCA Training, Inc. for its participants’ “remarkable record of success,” which includes a 95% graduation rate and an 80% job placement rate.

See the Chronicle segment here:
YMCA Puts People First ​

Patricia Wooten is one of YMCA Training, Inc’s newly employed graduates. She came to the program after being laid-off from her previous job and was eager to hone her computer skills. Now, she works full-time at Bay Cove Human Services, where she provides clients who are facing challenges – be they physical, mental, or developmental – with tasks of daily living.

“My heart goes out to clients with these kinds of issues. You want to make sure you have people in this field that care,” she said. Fortunately, with the help of YMCA Training, Inc., she was able to acquire the necessary professional qualifications to match her capacity for compassion.

“I love working with people. I love helping people. I can make a difference.”

Woman in ballroom
Patricia Wooten at her January 2017 graduation from YMCA Training, Inc.

The Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development is proud to fund YMCA Training, Inc. through both the Neighborhood Jobs Trust and the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

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