Project Opportunity, a new pilot program led by the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development and Office of Public Safety, creates opportunities for Boston residents to move beyond the limitations of a criminal record.

One of the primary ways Project Opportunity assists residents is by helping them to clear their records, which can stand in the way of job and housing access. The program connects residents with pro bono lawyers from Lawyers Clearinghouse who can determine if their CORIs are eligible for sealing or expungement.

Project Opportunity also:

  • Covers the filing costs of sealing or expungement
  • Convenes experts to discuss CORI-related challenges and potential solutions
  • Connects residents with employment opportunities, job training, and related services, such as housing, food access, and transportation
  • Trains City of Boston departments that work with residents with CORIs

Read the City of Boston press release to learn more.

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